"CULTURE IS MY CAPITAL" is the online blog of the life, work and insights of Karl Solano. It will contain visuals because of his passion for photography. These visuals may include professional work, candid shots, behind-the-scenes captures, travel...pretty much anything the human hippocampus can recall and revisit. Some may seem arbitrary and some may seem unrelated, but this whole site is also a sneak peek into the mind of an ENFP. For those unfamiliar with Myers-Briggs type indicators, you can call him a nocturnal Sagittarius who's light-working duties and incessant quest for knowledge and truth confuse the sh*t out of you. And that's okay, because not everyone will see the world the way you do. This site will be a simple extension of what goes on in his brain and how he sees things, NOT just a showcasing of his photography work. 

What "CULTURE IS MY CAPITAL" essentially means is that we are all priceless. Culture is a way of life that is shared amongst individuals. But even more profoundly true is that each of us encompasses our own culture. The way we think, what we eat, what we read, how we interact with people, who we choose to interact with, our work, our hobbies...all these things and more...account for what true capital is, our value as a human being. Simply put, what you encompass as an individual is something nobody can replicate...nor will be replicated...ever. Sure, if we're talking business then the answer is obvious. But we're not. You ARE your capital. You are the medium through which you acquire it.  Our life, our culture is far more profound and valuable than we think, and that itself is capital. 

A lifelong Chicagoan with a penchant for philosophy, travel, people, basketball, art...pretty much all that life has to offer, Karl’s style is best described as serendipitous. He dabbles with professional food photography, street photography, architecture and portraits. He just calls himself a guy with a camera that takes decent shots, an individual who likes to have his work do the selling and connecting for itself. Very big on self-improvement and learning from others, he is growing in his craft every single day. Photography is just one medium he uses to express concepts, ideas and aesthetics.  If you vibe with it, then he can definitely appreciate the love.