photo taken by Erik Marthaler

photo taken by Erik Marthaler

Karl Solano

Karl Solano is a UX Designer with Career Builder Employment Screening. In this role, he coordinates with multiple departments and acts as the liaison between them and the product development team. His responsibilities include aspects of user research, information architecture, UI/visual design, and interaction design. 

Philosophy and social psychology are heavy anchors in both his career and his passion. Photography takes more than just snapping a moment in time, reliving frozen fragments with like-minded individuals. "It's all about making that moment or image significant to you, moreso than anyone else," he states. "Sure, there's a post-production process, planning shoots and organizing creative concepts...but the goal is to progress each and every single day." Prior to taking his photography from a hobby to a business, Karl spent seven years playing guitar for a rock band,  managed a local restaurant and directed/produced video projects. "None of that stuff is remotely in my past, I'm simply waiting for the right moments to piece it all together again." He is currently working hard behind the scenes pioneering "The Chill Initiative," a name he's dubbed for a collection of professional client work and personal passion projects.


Asiana Magazine, March 2017
Dining Out Chicago, Winter 2017


The Chill Initiative