These Came in Clutch!

Honestly was freaking out for this HUGE shoot I was driving to, but realized I didn't charge my batteries the night before..

I had my laptop on me, and this bad boy plugged right in via USB. For a nomad like myself, charging batteries on the go saved my ass for this shoot..

I Can't Decide!!

Ever go home and can't help but get stuck in between final edits? My last shoot happened to be a meet-up at the Skydeck in my home town of Chicago. Great views, moody weather and amazing creatives made for a fun and productive morning. But amongst the abyss of shots I managed to get, I was torn between MULTIPLE edits and was unsure about what to use as my final product. Here's a couple I played around with..

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It's 2018!!

Well, it's now a couple weeks into the new year and I figured I will be making more frequent updates to this page. I've neglected my "blog" only because I've done most of my engagement on Instagram. But I made it a personal goal to engage more on this platform and provide content for the 2 or 3 people who actually read this. 

I have also been collaborating with my creative circle and participated in a few videography projects. Stay tuned for those as I will be uploading the latest installment soon. 

For those interested, check out my homies Phil and Arnley: