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While working for Aurico, a background screening company, I was tasked with solving a problem that many departments were coming across. My goal was to design a feature that would improve efficiency, increase department productivity and save the company some money. Aurico was eventually bought out by Career Builder but the feature I designed remained with their product.


Aurico was a certified background screening and drug testing company. As a B2B entity, we dealt with numerous clients that had hundreds, if not thousands of applicants. Collectively, our job was to help companies find and retain the "A" players - the best people for the job opening they seek to fill. As part of the design team, my impact affected multiple departments, the job seekers, and most importantly the majority of our clients.

There is plenty that goes into the background screening process. What we provided for our clients included a comprehensive array of in-depth background screening, drug testing, assessment tools and related resources. Amongst those resources were whether or not certain licenses were still active, most specifically driver's licenses for companies that hired drivers or required a clean record in that department. 

Our customers had access to their own dashboard where they could see the status and metrics of their applicants. Before my design, there did not exist a feature that would allow them to view active/inactive licenses. The only way customers could view this information was tediously going back to each individual report we provided. This was problematic for customers who had a larger volume of hires.


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Design an efficient solution to help large scale clients, improve productivity and save operating expenses.


Our design team was expanding at the time and I was recently brought in to help the company out. Of the three designers with the company, my projects dealt with customer and staff related issues/requests.

As Aurico's client base grew, I was responsible for mitigating potential opportunities and/or roadblocks that our design team could implement as early as possible. Sometimes these projects came into fruition just after a few requests from our most lucrative customers. 

This specific case study was a problem I had to solve all on my own. I was the lead user researcher and I conducted seven interviews with representatives from other internal departments involved.

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After looking over the client request forms and getting more feedback from the account managers, I concluded three things:

1. Our larger-scale companies were the ones in desperate need of a solution. Some companies had to scan over hundreds of applicants per day. 

2. It was mostly the hiring managers that needed access to a technology that would simplify this process for them. Looking at applicant reports one by one was in no way efficient.

3. Not all companies (our clients) had permission to even view this information. This was important for me to understand because making this feature available to all of our clients would hurt our pockets. Only the companies that paid for the license check service would reap the full product benefits.

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It would be nice to be able to search for the name and license number...just having those options would be helpful.


Can we search for other licenses as well? For example, a driver's license or another professional license like nurses or teachers have?


They have so many locations, it's just hard to pinpoint specific candidates without investing plenty of time to find their file!


Once a client has put in their order, and we see that they do want a license expiration check, the verifications department has to undergo a process that eventually logs information onto an Excel sheet. This is how that document looks like (below).

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 11.04.29

After another series of operational events internally, the information is displayed for the client on a page that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 11.14.12

Knowing that these hiring managers had to go through this process of accessing the above page for each applicant, I needed to be innovative yet simplistic...creative but minimalistic...intuitive but obvious.

As I noted earlier, some clients didn't even have certain option available on their dashboard.

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 11.24.35

So I went ahead and decided to create an option to view all licenses requested (if client paid for the service).


After clicking on the corresponding link under "Add Here," we can dive into the bulk of this new feature. Based on my research and gathering data, we needed:

  • A tool or interface that housed all licensing information.

  • The ability to separate drivers licenses from other professional licenses

  • Checkboxes to run certain commands on more than one candidate.

  • Initial display of active and expired licenses.

  • The option to reorder and regroup based on column categorization. 

After submitting my initial ideas to my design lead and the devs, I then received feedback which I implemented on and created mockups..

Business Meeting



Let's revisit my initial sketch and see how it evolved into my mockup..


Aside from adding some color to the product, I then added more features after early rounds of feedback:

  • Add more columns: License expiration date and when the report was last run.

  • Filter more than just the approved candidates.

  • The ability to export data in a spreadsheet.

  • Filter by date selection.

License Expiration Tool.PNG

Here is an example image of how I visually communicated to our dev team exactly what information would be included in the new feature and where we would pull data from internally:

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 2.09.49 PM.png

After a couple rounds of beta testing internally, I had to make a small adjustment to the filter by date portion:


It was then decided that we make a few more tweaks and adhere to a minimal color scheme, which brings us to the final product (at the time).

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 1.44.30 PM.png
CBES License Expiration Report.001
CBES License Expiration Report.001

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CBES License Expiration Report.002
CBES License Expiration Report.002

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CBES License Expiration Report.008
CBES License Expiration Report.008

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CBES License Expiration Report.001
CBES License Expiration Report.001

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Here is the product slide deck we used to release this feature to the company:



Working on this project really gave me the boost I needed to move up in the company. I got to build relationships with other department leaders as well as the developers. By building these relationships, I was able to gather more insight about other problems that were going on before they were assigned to the design team. 

I also got to understand what went on before, during and after a product life cycle. Being able to be part of a design team in the middle of merging with a larger company was valuable, insightful and taught me patience.

However, my biggest takeaway was how happy and proud I felt to have contributed to a large-scale operation. My License Expiration Report benefitted both our staff and our clients. Because of my empathy and understanding, I became the designer to go to when other problems started to arise.